The TeleSCREEN system is a flexibly customized hardware and software platform that can be configured to meet the specific technical requirements of the Customer. Knowing the basic typical requirements of various groups of our clients, we have created two products, each focused on the implementation of typical objectives.

TeleSCREEN Light is a system that is focused on application as part of the studios of TV and radio channels. The main purpose of the TeleSCREEN Light system is to visualize broadcasting with simplified functionality of instrumental quality control over signals. This system is generally used when a simple and reliable solution is required to control signals when organizing broadcasting.

TeleSCREEN PRO is a system, which is focused on the implementation of the most difficult monitoring objectives when maximum functionality and efficiency are required. TeleSCREEN PRO system combines a wide range of functionalities for in-depth instrumental monitoring of television and radio channels with the possibility of organization of local or remote visual monitoring with simultaneous video and audio recording of the broadcasting. Such functionality is usually in high demand among telecom operators.