About the Company

      TELETOR was founded in 2009 in Moscow. It was established by a group of software design engineers who were previously involved in various digital television and radio broadcasting projects. In the course of our work in various TV and telecommunications companies it became clear that the market lacks some technological solutions, and those that exist, either do not fully satisfy due to their technical capabilities, or are too expensive.

      That was when the idea of developing such systems came up. Thus, prototypes of solutions, which were gradually improved in the course of the implementation of current television projects, began to appear as part of the development during the time free from the regular job. This led to the development of first prototypes of the systems, which were later named TeleSCREEN and TeleTAG. After a while our developments got basic functions, and it became clear that the results of our activities have the absolute right to exist in the market as independent solutions. As a result, part of the team of engineers founded “TELETOR” in August 2009 Since then, we have been enhancing our products, extending them and creating new ones.

      Experts sometimes ask: why the company was called “TELETOR”? It is rather simple - it is just a combination of two words: TELEvision and moniTOR. The resulting word symbolizes the incorporation of television and computer technologies.

      The company is a Russian developer with an office in Moscow. We have been developing and implementing projects in the area of digital television and radio broadcasting for more than 10 years. Our clients are large TV operators, such as Rostelecom, MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, ER-Telecom, large quantity of cable TV operators, satellite service providers (Orion Express and NTV-Plus), as well as various large state corporations and private companies, such as VGTRK, RSCC, RTRN, Gazprom-Media, Russian Radio, etc. In short, we have implemented a great number of projects over a ten-year period. So one could say that we are entering our second decade of carrying out the activities as a fairly successful and dynamically developing company.