What we do

TELETOR is the leading Russian developer of technologies for organization and monitoring of digital television. We have been developing technical solutions that help communications service providers organize TV broadcasting in all the modern propagation media for more than 10 years.

Our products enable both broadcasting of TV services and continuous monitoring of their quality at all the points of the studio path or distribution network, regardless of the technology to build them. The accumulated experience and in-house technologies allow implementing challenging and non-standard projects within the time limit and with the best quality. We are constantly improving our products and providing professional support to our customers to effectively use them throughout the whole life cycle.

Our products

Integrated system for visual and instrumental monitoring of television and radio broadcasting (QoS and QoE monitoring)

System of instrumental (parametric) monitoring of television and radio signals (QoS monitoring)

Broadcast video and audio recording System (Compliance recording)

Preparing and managing TV program metadata (PSI/SI and Electronic Program Guide)

Monitoring of equipment performance and quality of TV/radio services.

Additional Services

Users of technical support services enjoy the latest and greatest of our products as soon as they become commercially available.

TELETOR renders professional customer support services throughout the whole life cycle of our products. TELETOR Technical Support is an optimum set of services that allow customers to make sure that no matter what happens, TELETOR engineers will be there at required time and will assist in solving the problems encountered. The users of technical support services benefit from our most modern and advanced products as soon as they become available.

Customization of Technical Solutions

TELETOR develops solutions. We develop our own solutions and have the possibility to make any changes to them in a prompt manner. Therefore, we can offer to our customers the customization of our products to optimize their operation as part of the unique hardware and software of the client or to integrate them into existing business processes in the best way possible.

Technical Consulting

TELETOR’s specialists have unique experience in implementing various projects. We will be happy to share our knowledge and expertise to help our customers implement any challenging objectives in the area of digital television. While working together with the client, our specialists help to develop the best technical solution to the objective, as well as provide an independent evaluation of the proposed technical solutions of other partners of the client.

Our Advantages

In-house Development

We develop our own products. Therefore, we can upgrade them in accordance with the requirements of our customers.

Non-standard Approach

We strive to find a technically and economically efficient solution to any objective. This approach allows making our products easy to work with and inexpensive to operate.

Unique and unrivaled expertise

Our experience in implementing many challenging projects allows our clients to be sure that the assigned objectives will be fulfilled at required time and with the best quality.